3 Strategies for Traveling with a Dog on a Raw Food Diet
July 8, 2015

3 Strategies for Traveling with a Dog on a Raw Food Diet

4 Steps to Creating a Natural Life For Your Pets

Having made the decision to feed your dog a raw food diet, they will be in a much better state physically and even psychologically, everyday. Pound for pound, the raw food that you will be feeding your dog is going to have much more nutrient density, enzymatic activity, probiotics, and overall vitality when compared to dry kibble. We assume you are starting to see the benefits already of this way of eating, and have realized there’s no turning back, however you also realize that you need to go on trips every now and then and your puppy friend needs to come with. Don’t be too concerned! Many have walked the path before you including ourselves, and we’re here to divulge three strategies to help you travel strategically with your dog, while maintaining the raw food diet – not missing a beat.

1. Get a cooler

Take the time to plan ahead and realize how many days you’re actually going to be traveling. You’re going want to store individual meals in their own plastic bags, and keep them in the cooler so that they can stay fresh and ready as needed. Bag and label the individual servings and have them organized inside your cooler so it’s easy to locate and feed when the time comes.

Having this cooler also gives you the opportunity to stop by an organic butcher or health food store so you can re-up on raw food if need be. Make sure that you get a cooler with adequate space so you can have enough room for ice as well as the individual meals planned out for as long as you’re to be gone.


2. Feed once a day

Canines intrinsically thrive being fed on a “once a day diet”. Their great ancestors, the grey wolf, as well as other wild canine species today, are testament to this, as their populations thrive on a scarce, yet also abundant raw food diet. This is the perfect time to give your dog a taste of intermittent fasting, so they can experience a lower caloric intake, decrease in inflammation, and a time to detox, all while saving a little bit of time and energy without having to pack so much food. This will greatly enhance the amount of space within your cooler as well.


3. Use a freeze-dried kibble

This will allow you to still feed your dog enzymatic, nutrient dense, raw food without having to worry about keeping raw food fresh from spoilage. There are a great number of freeze-dried kibble companies with high quality ingredients sourcing that are putting out fantastic product these days. You can order these online, and even find some at the local health food stores.

When you have this amazing, delicious, and nutritious dry food with you, you can simply add water to it and create a very delicious and even hydrating raw food meal without compromising storage and cooler space. We never met a dog who didn’t like to eat some dry kibble and this is a perfect way to give them a treat which can even lower the stress of already being on the road for the journey.



With these strategies there’s no need to compromise on your dog’s health and well-being. Use all of the strategies or any one of them to optimize your travel plans and to ensure that you can bring your puppy with you wherever you go. We cannot promise you that your friends and family won’t give you a double take when they see the great lengths you go to take care of your puppy. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hold fast to what you know to be true and good for your dog and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

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