Frequently Asked Questions

Our different formulas were created to completely clear all known types of parasites using only natural, herbal ingredients. We have a growing body of anecdotal data and direct experience in eliminating a wide range of infections and resolving symptoms without the toxic side effects of using chemicals .

We are a small company founded in purity and integrity, of both our product and our business practices. We embody this intent into the lifecycle of our product, production, and corporate values. We use the highest quality human-grade ingredients that are all either organic or wild-harvested. All our herbs are then prepared with a proprietary method that is a unique and synergistic process resulting in the potent formulas that we offer. Unlike other chemically based de-wormers, produced by mainstream industrial methodologies and corporations, they offer no guarantee of safety. Much less any consideration of total life-cycle impact on our planet. In our case the saying “you get what you pay for” is true.

Our company offers more than a good product, we offer a promise of profound service, and commitment to the well-being of our animals, each-other, and our world.

Speaking directly to our product, we stand behind our strong guarantee that our de-wormer will bring your animal’s egg count to zero, clearing all parasitic infections that may be present. If your animal’s egg count is not reduced to zero or the parasites are not cleared, then we will provide you additional product, free of charge, until that is accomplished.

Some more food for thought. If a horse owner uses our product to de-worm and the FEC is reduced to zero and all other parasitic infections are cleared, which is not the case with standard chemical de-wormers, cost savings are sure to be achieved. For example, if a horse owner is used to de-worming approximately every 2-3 months that is roughly 4-6 times a year. With our product that can be reduced to 1-2 times a year, or potentially less, as there isn’t an ongoing yearly battle to completely clear the parasites. For an example of 2 horses, a horse owner may pay $80 to $120 a year ($10 a pop for chem dewormers), versus $86 to $192 for our product… Therefore the price breakdown is really not that different, especially when you add in the non-monetary benefit of an overall improved condition of health and wellbeing and how that saves you money on vet bills.

In addition to accepting sub-par treatments, we have also grown accustomed to the routine presence of parasites, which is not a standard that needs to be written in stone.

We are simply unwilling to compromise the quality and integrity of our products for any reason, and there is higher cost associated with this quality of business. We feel that our animals and our Earth are worth it. Overtime, as we achieve greater scale, we will be sure to pass on our cost savings to our loyal customers.

This is a genuine concern that was taken into account when the products were originally being formulated. We are adamant about fully understanding the principles of gut ecology. These formulas have been designed by a master herbalist to remove only “harmful” organisms; which means those organism which are known through our current understanding of parasitology to be detrimental to biological life forms, while leaving the healthy probiotics completely intact. This is achieved by selecting unique herbs and herbal extracts that have the ability to only eliminate toxic organisms. All our products are tested and their efficacy is assured through a patented, medically accepted form of Japanese kinesiology. Aside from these products being used on thousands of animals over the years, and the direct anecdotal evidence that their immune systems were not compromised, but rather enhanced, we use this testing to ensure that all body systems are in their highest peak state throughout and after all of our treatments.

We, at EPW, derive our confidence from the results that we have seen, experienced, and continually hear of through our client family. In our experience, the effectiveness of these formulas is ironclad, and we want to transfer that confidence to you. That is why we do not hesitate in offering a Satisfaction Guarantee.

We guarantee our commitment in relationship to you throughout the healing care of your animal.

Our products are industry leading in terms of purity, intelligent design, and efficacy. In our experience, we have encountered situations where a treatment does not appear to work, or does not address all symptoms being experienced. The later can give the impression of an ineffective treatment, when in actuality something else may simply need to be addressed in addition to the original treatment.

We know our products eliminate all parasitic infections, and if for whatever reason you experience one of these unique cases where you do not get the results you desire then we will work with you to address the situation by:

  • A follow up consultation with our on-staff practitioners
  • Retesting via our QRA technique
  • Evaluating environmental factors
  • Reviewing treatment procedure
  • Our on-staff practitioners are available to guide you on the path to successful treatment. It is their passion to provide on-going support in order to achieve true healing for your animal friend.

    Learn more about our guarantee here.

In very rare circumstances, the worms will retreat from the medicine before they are exposed to it, and hide in the last segments of the descending colon. These critters are actually intelligent. In these cases, an enema must be applied using the Pet Clear as the liquid. It is important that you send us a photo of your animal taken after the completion of the initial phase of deworming. We will then assess how much your animal needs to completely clear this infestation, as it will most likely not be a whole bottle, but rather a few days worth. We will provide the remaining days of the product free of charge.

While chemical dewormers have been shown to reduce stool egg counts, clinical testing has shown that many different parasites can live in organ tissues, in addition to residing in the intestinal tract. This is a point that is commonly overlooked. From our research, clearing the intestinal tract is simply not enough if you wish to fully clear all potential parasites that may be living in your animal.

Chemical deworming falls into the category of differential poisoning. The idea with chemical dewormers is to put in enough poison to eliminate the parasites before you harm your animal. The body naturally rejects theses poisons from the tissues and cells thus, chemical dewormers do not effectively clear the tissues and cells. Furthermore, they can cause great harm to the horse’s natural immune system, whereas our products actually strengthen the immune system. We see no reason to take the risk of causing harm to your animal with a chemical product that is categorized as differential poisoning. Our products contain herbs that naturally nourish the production of immune antibodies while addressing infection in the tissues and cells and not just the GI tract. This is why we recommend a transition from chemical deworming to our product.

Firstly, we recommend our Complete Infection Clearing Kit for Cats, Dogs, and Horses. After the initial complete cleanse, we recommend using our de-wormers for dog, cats, or horses twice a year as maintenance, but of course, they are safe and necessary whenever your animal is obviously infected.

Currently, all our products are delivered to you within 4 weeks of us bottling them. They will retain their full efficacy for up to a minimum of a year.

Reinfection, and infection in general, is ultimately up to the animal owner. Creating a natural and healthy life style for your animal is the most important step.  For horse owners, we advocate the recommendations of the AANHCP in regards to lifestyle.  Primarily we recommend:

  • Open space where movement is encouraged and facilitated is the best way to limit toxic stagnation where disease breeds
  • Remove accumulating feces out of any stagnant areas such as in a small paddock
  • Naturalize your horse’s environment and diet to ensure the optimal condition for their immune system
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals that break down their inherent immunity
  • Holistically treat your new horses prior to introducing them to the herd

For your dogs and cats, you must watch their weight and over all well being. As they are much more likely to get into random places and things and interact much more often with other unknown animals, it is important to test their stool, or use this non toxic herbal product whenever you feel is appropriate.
Very important: ALL horses, dogs and cats are recommended to be cleared of infections at same time to prevent reinfection, cross-infection and constant recontamination.

We disagree with this claim. If eggs are present, then worms are present. It doesn’t matter how many eggs are detected. We hold this old standard to be unacceptable. The conventional information is outdated along with the conventional methods for treatment, that do not fully eradicate parasites. In our school of thought, no amount of parasitic infection is safe or acceptable.

Dangers our research has found include:  fever, disorientation, colic, swelling, hives, scratching, sudden diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, coma, depression, forelimb and hindlimb ataxia (loss of voluntary muscle coordination), drooping of the lips, muscle twitches, bilateral mydriasis (dilation of the pupil caused by disease, trauma, or drugs), decreased pupillary light reflexes, absent menace reflexes (blinking reflexes), and more.
This list of undesirable side effects is a major reason why we are so passionate to offer a nontoxic herbal dewormers that holistically improves the horse’s overall well being.
It is our mission to transform the industry by alleviating the equine world of outdated chemical practices.

The “FEC” (fecal egg count) is an industry standard that we feel is not complete. The FEC analysis is known to exclude protozoa infection. There can be parasites and eggs present in stool that are not detectable.

Our products are designed to clear all intestinal worms (including strongyles and encysted strongyles), bots, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, fleas, fungi, slime molds, yeast, and mildews.

We believe that unnatural living leads to infection (i.e. bacteria, to viruses, to worms) and is the root of most chronic disease in animals. The toxins that are produced are poisons that seriously affect the blood and tissues, and thus the functioning of major organs. They are also a major contributor to chronic acid conditions, which suffocate the cells and lead to degenerative conditions. It is not enough to only remove worms from the GI tract. It is also not only enough to remove infection. Naturalizing your animals life is paramount

* Results may vary - These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA