• EPM Standard Kit

    “She is making an amazing recovery. It has been 6 weeks since the onset of symptoms. At the onset, she would literally fall over at any given time, no warning. No one but the vet and certain staff members were allowed in with her as she gave no warning when she would go down.

    Today, she is walking and trotting, going over ground poles without ticking a single one. She will run and buck, but occasionally lose her balance and fall. She can back straight and pretty rapidly. This mare is my daughters “heart” horse. She has been so dedicated to rehab for her. Honestly, as bad as she was, we never expected her to come this far in a year, let alone 6 weeks.

    She has gone from walking with 3 people supporting her to running in 6 weeks. She was so bad at one point that I really did not think she would survive.

    I am pleased to say her test last week was NEGATIVE! They had the blood retested 4 times and side by side with the original blood. All 4 negative with the original still being positive. The Vets were perplexed as it has always been “once positive, always positive.”*


  • Pet Clear

    “Pet Clear completely changed Goji’s life. Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, I had not even scratched the surface of vitality and wellbeing for my dog. Goji had an extreme parasitic infestation, where worms were actually crawling out of her rear end. She could not keep any weight on her, and was constantly experiencing discomfort in some way – whether through constant butt dragging, or incessant licking. Not being able to rid her of the parasites was a terrible feeling. Even chemical dewormers beared no fruit, for one month after using them, the parasites returned. Once I began using Pet Clear, results were almost instantaneous. Since completely clearing all of her infections, her wellbeing increased to a place I never thought possible. As of today, about a year later, no parasites have returned. Finally a product that works!”*


  • Equine Lyme Disease Standard Kit

    “I just wanted to give you a quick update on Squishy. I am , quite frankly amazed. He is still on the last part of the first bottle of the nerve treatment, and he is already working and healthy and happy, like he was before Lyme.

    The most amazing thing is that he is now sound. The lyme affected his feet the worst (he has had Laminitis three times in 4 years), and really is in chronic inflammatory state in his feet. He has not grown much foot at all since he has been sick, and what he grows is not healthy. He has grown so much foot in the last three weeks its unbelievable! In 2011 when he had Laminitis (and Jan of 2013) he sunk on both fronts. His feet have come back slightly from that, but not as much as you would like to see. Well in three weeks, when you look at the underside of his foot, it is drastically different! I can’t wait for my trimmers to see him next week.”*


  • Horse Clear

    “My first experience with Horse Clear was with a draft mare that I was recently caring for who had a unilateral infection. I was not sure if it was guttural pouch or a sinus infection. During the first 4 days of the treatment, he had a very smelly discharge draining from his nose…then it completely cleared! The infection has not returned!

    I have also been caring for a chronic laminitic caspian horse, who has been chronic for years. He is only on day 5 of the Horse Clear and is already galloping, leaping, and sprinting!

    Thank you so much for these products…exactly what I really needed!! Results!!”*


  • Custom Protocols

    “My rescue cat, Sunshine, was very ill. Her long fur was thin and dull and came out in clumps every time I brushed her. Parts of her skin were covered with crusty beads, she vomited daily and was very thin. Her eyes were constantly running. I took her to the vet who was unable to correctly diagnose her condition, blaming it on “fleas” and a mild bladder infection not worth treating.

    So I consulted Effective Pet Wellness, which diagnosed a severe kidney infection and whole­body fungal condition. With treatment Sunshine has gained weight, her skin is clear of infection and she allows me to touch her in “hot spots” where before she felt pain. Her fur is shiny and no longer falls out when I brush her. She is vomiting much less and although her eyes still have issues I believe they will improve as she regains her health.”

    I highly recommend Effective Pet Wellness, to the point where I am now treating my horse and my other cat. Effective Pet Wellness gives you results.”*


  • Equine Bartonella Standard Kit

    “Everyone knows that dealing with chronic infections in horses, especially those with a neurologic component, can be very discouraging. Thank you for offering so many treatment options that consistently far excede my wildest expectations. To watch these horses turn 180 degrees around to good health is heart warming. A thousand thank you’s! Keep up the good work!”*

    Brenda Bishop, VMD

  • Canine Complete Infection Clearing Kit

    “Hootie came to me as a rescue foster. He had just come out of surgery having his front left leg removed and came into my home the very next day. On top of the leg removed, Hootie had demodectic mange. His leg healed very well, stiches removed but the demodectic mange lingered and actually got worse. Hootie would wine (hysterically) because the itching was so severe. After having Hootie in my home for 3+ months as a foster, hearts entwined…he became OURS! Adopted! After having him on Ivermectin for 6 + months, Hottie and I were both extremely frustrated. I asked the vet what other solutions she could offer. In that time I also tried some natural solutions which did not work. So I did as the vet suggested and put Hootie on Revolution… 1 treatment every 2 weeks. A momentary lapse in itching and then it was back with a fury. I stumbled on Effective Pet Wellness and decided to give them a try. We are all so used to getting immediate results and this was not that! But we hung in …the results were steady and after starting Hoot on his personal program in March of this year he is no longer itching. Me and my pets are very holistic health management advocates and it’s definitely the way to go. EPW heals! We are waiting for the results of new hair growth to come in on his belly and are proceeding with an immune boosting program. My hope is in a month or so, he’ll be stronger, healthier, continually itch free.*

    Thanks Effective Pet Wellness. Your products are in fact ~ effective.”

    Mary Beth

  • EPM Standard Kit

    “Drifter is doing very well. He lopes out to play with his friend, seems calmer, and his feet actually seem to be listening to his brain again. For a while there, when we would ask him to move, he would look at us, comprehending, but unable to do what we asked without effort. That is gone. He’s gaining weight. Is loving again. Playful. And his eyes are kind. He no longer resides inside a shell. Neil groomed him yesterday outside of his stall, and he loved it again and was very calm. Cleaning his feet? Getting easier. He no longer leans and can easily pick up his feet and hold them.

    Our vet is very interested in the outcome. She has heard of your product and is in favor of our choice, even though she is slightly skeptical. When she comes back in two weeks, I know she’ll be amazed.

    Your products are a blessing. I thank God for them, and for you and your company, every day. The joy of seeing our dear horse-friend heal is beyond description.”*


  • Custom Protocols

    “I am a seeing fantastic results already and its only been 15 days in. She is starting to really focus and her overall body tone is looking great….I took her to a race yesterday and she got 10th out of 63 runners and we have not raced for MONTHS due to her problems. When we got done with our run she flipped her head and crow hopped out of complete joy because I know she was feeling good and was happy with herself.”*


  • Equine Lyme Disease Standard Kit

    “My beloved Icelandic mare, Lokkadis, now 26 years old contracted Lyme Disease four years ago. Her liver was affected as well as her joints. It took a long time to get help, because at that time vets were not entirely convinced that horses could get Lyme Disease. It took three different vets to help us out and Lokkadis (Icelandic name meaning Enchanted Goddess) got put on a program to first help out her liver and then to eradicate the Lyme. Many hundreds of pills later, she foundered severely despite probiotics and such. She survived the treatment, but her hair was coarse, her gums not so pink and her energy level low. She had always been a cheerful extrovert, but now she was a quiet introvert, a bit sad with semi-rotten hooves.

    A year ago, a neighbor suggested that I contact Effective Pet Wellness to purchase their Lyme kit. I looked on the internet at the various ingredients and went around for several weeks mumbling to my self about the possible efficacy of banana peels and onion skins! In the meantime, my neighbor had gotten help for her horse, who looked on the edge of death with a muscle wasting disease. Ten days later, I visited my neighbor and her horse, who had been withdrawn and sad, meandered over to the fence to greet me. It was hard to believe it was the same horse. He had filled out in a mere 10 days and had the light of life in his eyes again. I went home and bought the Lyme Kit.

    A month or so after we started, the treatment ended. My mare willingly ate everything that was offered her. Her gums were pink and her eyes were clear. She seemed to have more energy. Time went by and her rotten hooves grew out and looked the best they had ever looked. Her summer coat grew in with soft shiny hair.

    A year and more has now gone by. Lokkadis can carry a rider again, perhaps only in a walk, but she is happy and says she feels good and is not lame or sore. She looks like a healthy horse and her fun loving self again, interested in life and tricks and treats once more. In fact, she says she plans on living at least another 15 years just to make sure I behave myself. I am so grateful to Effective Pet Wellness because now I have my companion of 22 years back with me again with the outlook of many good years to come.”*


  • Equine Interference Field Clearing Kit

    “I was first introduced to Effective Pet Wellness to help my mare with Lyme Disease. After using the Lyme protocol I was astonished with the improvement in my mare Coco. She had more energy, her body soreness was eliminated, and she no longer needed frequent chiropractic adjustments. Her movement was freer and she just seemed altogether healthier. After such amazing results I inquired about a scar treatment for another horse in the barn. I was recommended a “packing” treatment. My horse had an old injury over the extensor tendon. During the application of the pack my horse began stretching, yawning and gave a good body shake. I was astonished. After the treatment her movement seemed freer. I had some leftover “packing” on hand, when my mare Coco had been kicked and her leg presented with a great deal of heat and swelling. I did the packing protocol right away. All the heat was gone after the treatment! It was truly amazing. I recommend every barn keeping the packs on hand.”*


  • EPM Standard Kit

    “I just wanted to give you an update on my mare who was recently diagnosed with EPM and who very acutely neurological. We began your EPM treatment about 11 days ago.
    Long story short, after having her on your treatment for 3 days, she was significantly better (say 50%). After 5 days, her appetite was back to normal (something it hadn’t been in over 2 months) and I’d say about 90% recovered with virtually no neurological symptoms! After 7 days, she was completely recovered and acting like a 3 year old again (she’s 18 now). We finished the treatment yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased. The recovery was miraculous and she seems healthier than she has been in a very long time. It makes me wonder if she had been on a very slow decline for a long while and I mistook lack of energy/appetite for growing older.

    I can’t thank you enough! I am confident that she is cured and is currently showing no signs of ANY neurological damage at all! I would recommend your products to anyone who asks!!”*


  • Equine Lyme Disease Standard Kit

    “It’s has been two months since we used the product on my mare. She has had no sign of Lyme symptoms. Keeping our fingers crossed but we are pretty excited that we have some lasting GREAT results.*

    Thanks so much!!”


  • Canine Complete Infection Clearing Kit

    “Thank you so much Effective Pet Wellness for saving my dog’s life! Teri was suffering so much from Distemper. I was feeding her with a syringe and giving her fluids that way as well since she wouldn’t eat or drink on her own and could hardly move around.

    The last couple of weeks have been amazing! She is so much more alert, her snottiness has cleared up, she wags her tail more often, she knows her name now and comes when I call her. She is acting like a real dog! Eating regularly, drinking water, and gets crazy excited when I wake up and come home from work. It’s so awesome to see her come alive!!

    Thanks so much!!”*


  • EPM Standard Kit

    “Thank You for the email. Our horse was diagnosed with EPM on Dec. 20 -2013. He spent 7 days at the Vet clinic undergoing a 5 day IV treatment. We brought him back to our barn and started to rehab him. After 1 month, our vet came back out and checked him out and said that he would never let anyone ride him and that he could possibly be a pasture horse. My 7 year old was devastated. That is when a family friend told us about your products.

    We started treatment on March 1st, with a daily regimen of 30 min of lunging. We are now 1/2 way through the Horse Heal and we have had 3 different trainers say that you would never know that we were trying to decide whether to have him put down or not.

    The trainer that my daughters have worked with for the last 2 years keeps thinking “lets get someone on him”, that is how well he looks! She has helped us come up with an exercise program to strengthen Sunny’s hind quarters. She is hopeful that with your treatment and this exercise program, we may try riding him this summer after we have a vet check completed on him. He is even in his walk and all his gaits.

    From a horse that could not find his back legs to one that is making a tremendous recovery, we Thank You! We will keep you updated and have already told numerous people about your products and how they are all natural.*

    Thank You”


  • Heartworm Kit

    “In late 2013, one of our newly rescued Dogo Argentino dogs was diagnosed with adult stage heart worm . As many know this is a devastating diagnosis with a treatment plan that can cost a whopping $3000-$4000.00 and last between 12-24 months depending upon factors such as age, health, the stage of infection , etc. I was advised that once home using the traditional prescribed medicines my dog would need absolute kennel rest for the next 30 days. As the heart worms are dying off, they can break off and travel through the lungs, creating a possible and severe threat of a pulmonary embolism (clots in the lungs). We live on a ranch. Kenneling our 111 lb. full throttle sweet beast would be torture but reasonable if it meant saving his life. Kennel rest was the only advise I heeded. Understandably, our Veterinarian was stunned & perplexed at the refusal to use the recommended products.

    I rarely use pharmaceuticals on myself , my family or any of our rescued animals so It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to find a chemical free alternative. I went home to research. I found that The American Heart worm Society quotes ” Melarsomine is the ONLY medication we have available that can kill these adult worms.” My digging had also uncovered several statements from dog owners believing their animals may have died as a result of using the standard pharmaceuticals prescribed Hmmmmm…….

    I chose Effective Pet Wellness products to beat the adult state heart worms because of their use of a primary ingredient I’d personally used for years. Olive leaf extract has been an effective tool in my personal medicine cabinet as a safe, completely natural antibiotic, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial & anti-viral.

    I gave our dog Bocha a 12 day course of the Effective Pet Wellness dewormer. He rested every day without exercise. Two days after finishing the two products I returned to our Veterinarian requesting a re-check to determine his heart worm status They didn’t want to waste my money by retesting as even if the worms had been killed, I was told, Bocha would purportedly still test positive due to the antigens left behind from dead worms. They told me that they usually retest 6 + months after treatment to get a negative reading. I insisted they take my money! 20 minutes later a Vet tech tells me Congratulations, Test results were NEGATIVE. In disbelief, they actually said there may have been a chance that the original test was incorrect and was in fact a false positive. They were willing to claim a mistake rather than believe he could be free completely of all signs of parasites!

    I am now treating one of my rescued horses with the same products for two parasitic diseases, EPM & Lyme.

    Chemical free and healthy!”*


  • Pet Clear

    “I just want to give a shout out for Pet Clear. I got a puppy from the Humane Society. I was told he was dewormed. Well one month later he was still infested with worms. You could not believe how many worms came out of this little guy. They were crawling out of his rear end. I didn’t want to go the chemical route, it certainly wasn’t working. Then I came across Pet Clear. It did what no chemical could do. All worms are gone and I now have a happy pooch. Thank you Effective Pet Wellness!”*


  • Horse Clear

    “I would like to share with other horse owners the great experience I have had with Effective Pet Wellness service’s which include: De-worming my 3 incredible horses and providing me with an easy alternative to typical de-worming products. The process was more detailed and expensive than using harmful toxic medications on your pets! I am confident the additional effort and expense are well worth the results. In addition my vet diagnosed one of my horse’s with the wart virus and said there was nothing we could do except scrap them off. When I used the products from Effective Pet Wellness the warts fell of within 7 days after I had completed the natural herbal treatment Whoa! That is cool and the warts have not returned. If you love your horses as much as I do you will love using these natural products to promote and maintain their health.”*


  • Equine Bartonella Standard Kit

    “Lolita’s locomotion is generally better – more fluid and she is more comfortable during the gallop.

    Ondee has already changed a bit! She is much calmer, less anxious when I’m preparing her and trots straight and with greater ease.”*


  • EPM Standard Kit

    “My horse Caspur has finished his kit and has responded so well I can hardly believe it! I won’t go into all his symptoms that have “reversed” but I will tell you I rode him today for nearly 3 hours of all terrain trails and he’s back to being his old self, including attitude. He starts trotting and cantering all on his own with no cue from me. Feeling blessed and recommending your product to my freinds. Thanks a million!”*


  • Equine Antibiotic Damage Repair Kit

    “A year ago, my 13 year old mare who normally weighs about 1200 lbs and has never had a rib in sight stopped eating and started to lose weight. I had 4 different vets here who diagnosed (guessed) everything from sand to ulcers to teeth to worms. She was tubed with metamucil and after that she wouldn’t eat at all.

    I tried a number of things on my own like Alfa Lox, which is a treatment for hind gut ulcers, and she began eating again but didn’t gain weight…just not utilizing her food. At the urging of a friend, I ordered Horse Clear and Neuro Regen from Effective Pet Wellness and she started to gain weight. However, after the protocol was finished she started to become finicky again. At this point, I sent a picture to the folks at EPW and they determined that she needed Antibiotic Damage Repair Kit. That protocol lasted for 2 months and about 3 weeks and everything then changed. Her appetite changed, her personality returned (bossy again), and she has gained all her weight back. Thank You!”*


  • Equine Lyme Disease Standard Kit

    “The Effective Pet Wellness Lyme Kit was 100% effective with our quarter horse mare. She is sound now, with a shiny coat and good attitude.”

    Thanks so much!!”*


  • Horse Clear

    “I just wanted to let you know I had my mare re-tested on Jan. 18, 2014, and her fecal was clean!! Thanks to your wonderful product “Horse Clear”. I will be purchasing this again in the Spring/Fall and using it twice a year as a preventative. Hopefully, I’ll never see anything but “Negative” on my horse’s fecal tests from now on. Thanks again. A very happy and satisfied customer.”*


  • EPM Standard Kit

    “My horse was doing great in 5 days. I could tell she was tracking much better. She is no longer dragging her toes. I’m still on the first bottle of liquid . She is getting better everyday. Thank you!”*


  • EPM Standard Kit

    “So, the vet uttered the terrible words “Tested positive for EPM and there is no cure. Must start mare on pharmaceuticals right away to help.” After persistent research I came across the website for Effective Pet Wellness. Without a second thought I said “here, we have a cure”…I visualized the mare at the end of her natural treatment as cured and it’s exactly as your site describes- she is doing fantastic! My farrier was out recently & helped pull her hind end around – he is a very big guy (she is a light horse) & said she is slightly off but it could also be due to age & recent injuries (cellulitis in one hind leg & a fall on the other). He found her to be slightly more off balance on the right – but again it wasn’t so easy to get her to cross to the side. In addition, from the cellulitis & arthritis in the hind right she has not willingly lifted the leg for us in over 10 months, especially not without a near fall. She gave the farrier her leg, held it up for over 4 minutes on her own & has been doing the same for me for past week without any signs of weakness. Plus, she actually kicked out at me & has been running all over the place more & more! I believe wholeheartedly the treatment has helped in many areas, not just EPM.

    It has been months since her EPM kit, the vet has seen her multiple times and has never mentioned the EPM again. My favorite part about this true story, is that I gave her your product and never thought about it again. It was totally over and she was rideable again! Thank you for providing a natural alternative so that I didn’t have to give my horse harmful drugs.”*


  • Horse Clear

    “I care for a beautiful Arab mare named Kalia Ma. Last spring she developed a skin issue that made her hair fall out. She was also SUPER itchy. We found out through testing that she had developed a skin fungus. Most people use either diluted bleach application or antibiotics for this. Since both options kill all bacteria even the good kind we decided not to do this and go the herbal route. I picked up this product and decided to give it a try. In my gut it felt like a good product and had great energy. Another plus is that it was easy to give to her. She loved the way it tasted. She would get excited every time I would bring it to her. In a short while after the dosage, it was gone naturally and hair was growing back, itchiness was down, and she was happier. The best part about it was that I didn’t have to give her probiotics for weeks after to help heal her gut from the chemicals in the other stuff. No side effects. Great product and would tell others with horses around me to use it too! Thank you!”*


  • EPM Standard Kit

    “I am pleased to say that after 6 months o therf onset of EPM, my mare is doing amazingly. She is 100% and even better than she was before. We are doing sliding stops, spins, roll backs, working cattle again, jumping and trail riding again!!! At 15 weeks we took her to a team sorting and she was an absolute rock star, there is nothing about my mare that isn’t 150%. I thank you for your product, my mare is EPM free and back to her good ol self. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!*


  • Horse Clear

    “I have three horses that live on my property with me and I always try to do the best I can for their well being. The folks at Effective Pet Wellness opened me up to a whole other paradigm of horse care. Since implementing more natural things in their life, they seem to have come alive in a different way than before. Lucy, our eldest, used to just stand around, quite depressed looking. Now she is moving around, playing, and interacting more. All of them used the Equine Dewormer and loved it. Lucy’s energy levels came way up after the dewormer was put into action. All my horses now receive a natural trim every 4-5 weeks and we are in the process of building a paddock paradise that will encourage them to move all day. The paddock paradise will not only help them be exercised and entertained all day, but I won’t have to muck out the paddock as frequently either! Thank you for helping me help them.”*


  • Horse Clear

    “My 2 year old Arab gelding had confirmed strongyles through a fecal sample analysis. I did not want to use chemicals to deworm him, but I knew I had to do something. I found Effective Pet Wellness and decided to go ahead and give it a shot. After using the product, which he loved, I had him retested and he was confirmed clear of strongyles, even 3 months later. I will definitely use their Horse Clear to deworm in future treatments.treatments.”*


  • Equine Complete Infection Clearing Kit

    “Prince is doing really well. He has a good bloom of health in his coat, a new found stability and resilience in his temperament and the drainage from his right eye that seemed to be a perpetual part of his life has ended. His gums are pink instead of gray and he is moving sounder than he has in a long time.”*


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