The Health of The Horse Shows Up In The Hoof
September 9, 2014

The Health of The Horse Shows Up In The Hoof


A trained Natural Hoof Care Practitioner can meet a horse for the first time, see their feet, and be able to tell the horse owner many things about their horse.  The hoof of a horse communicates so much.  Everything that you put into a horse will either show up in the feet or not, depending on whether it was harmful to them, or in harmony with their ecology.  On average, a horse accretes new horn at about 1 cm per month.  With this knowing, we can navigate the outer hoof wall and witness abnormalities in its growth pattern.  As there has been no real reliable method for safe deworming until now, we often see distinct event lines in the outer hoof wall, like clockwork after a chemical dewormer has been administered.  These are bulges and rings that are very distinct.  A horse that is fed an unnatural diet filled with too much sugar will have lots of these rings in varying severity all down the hoof.  Vaccinations and chemical dewormers create the most distinct bulges. In other words, they wreak the most havoc on the horse.  To see a horse for the first time and tell the owner that about 6 months ago a chemical dewormer or vaccination was administered, usually creates a sort of voodoo effect. But really, it’s no magic, and anyone who simply knows the fact that “the health of the horse shows up in the hoof” will be able to witness this.  When we can reflect that to a horse owner in real time, that is usually enough for them to understand the ramifications of putting chemicals in their horse.

These bulges are caused by an inflammation of the soft dermal tissue, or laminae, which are triggered by a metabolic disorder.  We have seen for some time now, and know without a doubt that high sugar feeds and chemicals are a recipe for laminitis.  If your horse has straight line growth down the outer hoof wall, then be happy because you are doing something right!

Below are pictures of the hooves of horses that have had a chemicals administered with their subsequent outer effects.  In the next section are pictures of horses that have beautiful straight line growth. They live a natural lifestyle and are totally sound barefoot over all terrain.


Event lines are a product of an unnatural diet and/or chemical exposure, resulting in a metabolic disorder and subsequent inflammation of the soft dermal tissue beneath the horn.  This process is indisputable and preventable through the application of Natural Horse Care and a chemical free life.



The Health of the Horse Shows Up in the Hoof-2The Health of the Horse Shows Up in the Hoof


This picture below, taken many months after Horse Clear was administered, shows still perfect straight line growth. 


The Health of the Horse Shows Up in the Hoof-3

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